ElectionsWin.com: Greg Buisson, Elections Advertising and Media

ElectionsWin.com: Greg Buisson, Elections Advertising and Media

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ElectionsWin.com: Greg Buisson, Elections Advertising and Media

Join Greg Buisson on September 22nd  at 9 am

How important is the media consultant in the elections campaign? Does it make a difference if the election is for a major statewide office or a parochial position of power? Who calls the shots? How dependent is the candidate upon the advertising firm, the public relations persons? What qualities should a candidate or campaign manager consider when hiring the person who might create the ads, the TV spots, the Internet buys? What if the campaign goes into crises mode, who do you call, what do you do?

These are just some of the issues that might come up when Greg Buisson of Buisson Creatives enters the Bayoubuzz’s ElectionsWin.com webinar pit, Saturday, September 22nd at 9am.

Buisson is recognized in the New Orleans region as a major political player, a man behind the scenes who has literally helped elect the top public servants and office holders in Jefferson Parish and elsewhere.


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Some of his past and present clients have included former Jefferson Parish President  Aaron Broussard and Mike Yenni, Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser, former State Representative and current New Orleans Councilwoman Helena Moreno, Kenner President Ben Zahn, St. Tammany President Pat Brister, Congressman Steve Scalise, former State Senator and current candidate for Secretary of State, A.G. Crowe. The Buisson firm represents Louisiana Public Service Commissioner Erik Skrmetta. Buisson Creatives has worked for current Jefferson Parish Assessor Tom Capella, Last year, he represented PelicanPAC, led by Sidney Torres, during the New Orleans Mayor’s Race, which campaign made a major impact upon the ultimate outcome.

Greg Buisson has won national awards for his work honored by the American Association of Political Consultants annual 'Pollie Awards.

Recently, Buisson Creatives has won Campaigns and Elections prestigious Reed Awards for:

Best Mail Piece For A Bare-Knuckled Street Fight Victory   

Impastato - Campaign Spending
Buisson Creative​ 

Best Mail Piece For Independent Expenditure Campaign – State Legislative         
Smoke and Mirrors
Buisson Creative​ 

Best Mail Piece for Republican Special Election Campaign​       
Impastato - Fresh Ideas Inspire Action
Buisson Creative​ 

Best Lit Piece
Impastato - Fresh Ideas Inspire Action​
Buisson Creative

The Bayoubuzz ElectionsWin Webinar is scheduled for one hour. This is a paid event that will take place within a private Facebook Group, so Facebook credentials are required.  

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