ElectionsWin.com: Greg Buisson, Elections Advertising and Media: Completed

ElectionsWin.com: Greg Buisson, Elections Advertising and Media: Completed

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ElectionsWin.com: Greg Buisson, Elections Advertising and Media: Completed

On September 22nd, award-winning and much-in-demand-media consultant, Greg Buisson in a ElectionsWin.com interview, discussed the political media consultant industry.

Above is a short video of the entire one hour discussion. Some of the important issues discussed are: How important is the media consultant in the elections campaign? During the first part of the interview, he discussed the role of the media consultant, when that person get involved into a campaign, the types of media being utilized today and what features of his profession did he favor the most.  Also, he talked about the significant changes of elections, the growth of digital media, dealing with the Fake News syndrome and so much more.

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Greg Buisson has won national awards for his work honored by the American Association of Political Consultants annual 'Pollie Awards.

Recently, Buisson Creatives has won Campaigns and Elections prestigious Reed Awards for:

Best Mail Piece For A Bare-Knuckled Street Fight Victory   

Impastato - Campaign Spending
Buisson Creative​ 

Best Mail Piece For Independent Expenditure Campaign – State Legislative         
Smoke and Mirrors
Buisson Creative​ 

Best Mail Piece for Republican Special Election Campaign​       
Impastato - Fresh Ideas Inspire Action
Buisson Creative​ 

Best Lit Piece
Impastato - Fresh Ideas Inspire Action​
Buisson Creative

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