The Digital Plan 2nd Edition: Strategic guidance and planning to: Win political campaigns.

The Digital Plan 2nd Edition: Strategic guidance and planning to: Win political campaigns.

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The Digital Plan is here to get you the BIG WIN. From running an election to growing a nonprofit, fundraising for a cause, or even just creating your own brand from scratch, empowering your organization online is key to success. Every platform and interface - social media, email, websites, video, blogs, digital advertising, and more - have strengths that you can play to, with a strategic plan leading the way.

The second edition is full of case studies and advice from Obama and Hillary campaigners, nonprofit leaders, designers, directors, filmmakers and everything in-between. This book is for you if you want to talk digital, and especially for you if you want to dominate digital. We’ve packaged all the latest and greatest of organizing, planning, and strategy for you to accelerate into your goals with confidence. If you’re clear about what you want, then The Digital Plan will get you there.

The Digital Plan is all about empowering YOU to win campaigns, launch information into digital space, and understand how (and why) digital strategy is integral to community building. From platforms and tactics to planning and engagement, this book will cover a wide variety of topics with the most up-to-date strategic advice from experts in the field:

    • Social Media


    • Email Engagement


    • Data and Analytics


    • Video Production


    • SMS


    • Website Development


    • Blogs and Storytelling


    • Design


    • Digital Organizing


    • And more!

Consider The Digital Plan a launchpad to your success, and remember to join our online community for talks, Q&A’s, templates and updated strategy for a dynamic digital future.

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“We believe the strength of digital strategy is in organizing and integrating diverse voices, which is why this edition includes over 30 case studies, anecdotes, and tips from CEO's, activists, and some of the leading digital strategists across various industries. We've expanded this edition to include new chapters on The Engagement Cycle and SMS, and this edition is also redesigned to make your learning experience as effortless as possible.” - Katrina Mendoza, Editor