ElectionsWin.com Webinar Bundle: How to win elections

ElectionsWin.com Webinar Bundle: How to win elections

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Ready to win?

Whether you're a candidate, a consultant, an existing politician or elected official, or just someone interested in politics, we're glad you're here.

Recently, we interviewed some of the most-highly-recognized elections experts in Louisiana about winning at politics. If anybody knows the terrain, they surely do. Combined, they have over a century of experience. 

Below are the recent webinars, bundled just for you.  

Each webinar is approximately one hour long. They cover campaign financing, elections and the media, getting started as a candidate, political trends and so much more.

This Electionswin.com bundle at this incredible price ends any day now.

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Just scroll up and sign up. By email, we will send you a link so you can watch all of four videos. They are yours to watch any time you want.  You will need to use your Facebook profile to access. 

Get the Electionswins.com bundle. Four recent webinars for a spectacular price. 

Here they are:

Campaign fundraising with Alexandra "Allee" Bautsch Grunewald

One of the premier Republican fundraisers in the state discusses how she got started, what individual skils are needed to be successful, fundraising for candidates vs. Superpacs and so much more.

Advertising and Media with Greg Buisson

A leading figure in the realm of camapign and media, Buisson has worked with some of the top elected officials in Louisiana. He discusses many of the important issues in running a successful media campaign.

Retail politics, political climate & analytics--Bernie Pinsonat and Jim Brown

Bernie Pinsonat and Jim Brown are two of the most knowledgeable political watchers in the state. Brown, as state senator, secretary of state and insurance commissioner raised millions of dollars as a candidate and was a statewide official for over 28 years. Pinsonat has been recognized by many as the top pollster in Louisiana and is a highly-recognized political analyst. They discuss what candidates should do to get better known and other issues.

Electionswin.com: elections and campaigns 101:James Farwell, Dr. Ed Chervenak & Judge David Williams

Dr. Ed Chervenak is a professor of political science at the University of New Orleans. James Farwell is a political consultant with decades of experience who has advised Newt Gingrich, John McCain and others. Judge David Williams is a political consultant and former appeals court judge. The trio talk about how candidates should take advantage of political polling, media and trends, to succeed.