Winning elections: Polls or kissing babies? Rolling the Dice

Elections are defined by numbers and hands.

You can count on them.

The greater the numbers, obviously, the better chance a candidate has to prevail come election day. The more hands being held, grasped and shaken (or some say the more babies) being kissed during a campaign, the greater the connection between candidate and potential voter. 

But, what if the candidate has limited resources, time and money? Should those precious moments and precious dollars be devoted towards determining the message via polls or just getting out there, and press flesh?

Two masters of the elections trade, a 28-year politician, Jim Brown and a renown pollster Bernie Pinsonat will discuss these and other issues tonight as the Bayoubuzz’s Elections Win Webinar kicks off today at 7:30 pm.

Here are the details: Retail Politics, Political Climate & Analytics


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