Winning elections in the digital age: Interview with Greg Buisson, media consultant

Without doubt, one of the most highly-recognized and demanded media strategists in Louisiana and particularly, surrounding the Jefferson Parish and New Orleans region is Greg Buisson of Buisson Creatives.

The Times Picayune reporter and sports columnist, former Station Manager of WVUE TV, then an ABC affiliate and principal of Buisson Creatives discussed the important issues involving winning elections from the perspective of a media consultant. 

Buisson is an nationally-recognized and award winning consultant, He has represented many of the major candidates and public officials in South Louisiana including the now-Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser.

On Saturday, he discussed how his past experiences as a journalist has impacted the way that he approaches his media consultancy profession, the role that digital media now has upon the elections industry and many other issues in a conversation lasting over one hour.

Below is part of the discussion. The interview was part of Bayoubuzz’s webinar series on winning elections.   

SABLUDOWSKY: The role of, just in general if you know mind, the role of the say the media consultant--what is the role of media consultant?

BUISSON: Well I mean I think a really good media consultant is really focused on how do you image and message the candidate to the voting public in a way that it really really captures who that person really is. And, in addition to that, that you really aren't doing anything that would create a false image of that, of that candidate, because ultimately if the candidate can't live up to it, then that's something that the voters can see through.  And ultimately the voters will not believe in that candidate. And so, I think a good imaging and good messaging is for the media consultant is to make sure that--you go in, you have a great understanding of who the candidate is, you know his history, you know his background, you know his philosophy, you know what the platform is, of the cabinet, what the issues are in the campaign and then you strategize at that point on what you want to reveal-- what are the high points that you want to reveal during the campaign.

SABLUDOWSKY: And what point of time does a candidate normally get the media consultant involved?

BUISSON: Well they should get a consultant involved from the very beginning of the campaign. Sometimes one of the common mistakes by candidates, especially new candidates, is that they believe that the second that they bring the media consultant on online, they're going to need to have all of the money that they need for the media buys, media purchases, everything that you need media wise in  the campaign. and that's not true. you need the media consultant on early to begin strategize and help properly budget for what needs to be done in a campaign from a media standpoint.

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