Power of online streaming, bots, video emails for elections 2019

There has been much talk about elections strategies, old school vs. new school politics. The national elections are proving that technology, social media, video, online communications are a critical way to connect with the voters.  Voters are not reading the daily paper as they once did. Their TV watching has become very segmented. But, they definitely are online. This online presence creates a challenge and an opportunity. Successful candidates need to reach out to the audiences using every available medium.

ElectionsWin.com can help. I built this website to provide elections information and services to those in the related-industry. I have spent literally thousands  of hours over the past two decades advancing online content, digital video and streaming, social media integration and interfacing them with appropriate and powerful technologies.

Our goal with ElectionsWin.com is to first provide information about the remarkable tools that are currently available. Once you are acquainted with the possibilities, we would like to discuss your particular needs. Our initial focus is online video and as you read further, hopefully you will get a better idea about the importance of blending these new technologies with all aspects of political communications.

ONLINE VIDEO AND CAMPAIGNS: Online video now takes center-stage. As a society, we love video (whether movies, TV or online). It has become the most powerful way to influence others.  So the question we ask is--with the advent of social media, email, video embedding, video search and with an incredible burdgeoning growth of tech tools, how can political campaigns best take advantage of their targeted audiences? 

I think we can answer that question in one word--"conversion". Videos plus technology equals conversion opportunities. 

Putting up information for "information sake" has value, but unless you convert your audience, you are losing out on tremendous prospects. At the center of the new media revolution is the exchange of information for something of value for your campaign.  In fact, this principle is especially true in the world of politics. An election or issue-oriented campaign must consider how to benefit from the investments of the video-technology partnerships.  We believe a campaign must inquire about which new doors are opened by this video-technology partnership and how would the campaign best position itself once it walked through them? We explain this with the following:

LIVE Video Shows  Think online interviews, advertorials, Q and A sessions, just to name a few ways to use online live and recorded videos.   These are only a few of the types of programs we can help you create to assist your campaign. 

Frankly, live online video works exceedingly well because of  social media. ln general, the candidate can live stream into numerous Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin locations simultaneously.  The goal is to target the massive social media audiences by knowing how to use these magical tools to simultaneously send your program's digital signals into various social pools and electronic platforms.  In short, you want to stream live into as many social media feeds simultaneously as possible.

We have created numerous video shows and conferences over the past eight years. We can use these experiences to help you get your message out to your desired audience. But, that is only part of our job. Again, our concern is linking the video to the outcome by converting.  

To this end, we will accompany each of our online video shows with technologies and strategies to help you optimize your investments. For instance, we would want to make sure the pre-show content, the live video programs and the post-show  activities are coordinated so they persuade and produce audiences of which you can collect as much usable information, as possible. The Facebook post in the image to the left was used to generate a large live and post-event audience to watch this event.  Obviously, our goal, as here, would be to inform potential viewers of an upcoming live event and to offer notification opportunities at different intervals prior to the event. In addition, we would want to communicate with them to obtain usable data for future communications. The defined link is the key to the door of information collection.  In some cases, it could be a button or text.

It would be very important to promote all pre-event posts with a call for action or "action triggers". During the live video event, there must be other "action triggers" that allows the audience or viewers to participate during the show. Any post-event content would require the same. There should never be a wasted "call for action" opportunity for them to volunteer, contribute dollars or request information. 

This continuum of the pre-event promos, the live show and the post-event content, coupled with "action triggers" is what we call the "campaign video information and participation funnel". Every step along the way, we want you to take advantage of persuading, offering information and gathering useful data.  The attraction to video and its power to persuade is the content medium, the complementary technologies are the combustive engines to promoting information and receiving data, in exchange.

Now that we have discussed the general campaign funnel, it's time to talk specific programs, tools and outcomes, to help you win: 

Live video show anyone? What's a Webcast? A webinar? 

Use webcasts and webinars often but wisely. The webcast show provides live video information to the general public. As mentioned, you can simultaneously live stream to various social media platforms, webpages and other locations. In addition to live open events (webcasts), you can host webinars in which invited guests or a select group participates. This latter works very well for discussing campaign strategies and issues with potential voters and even for fundraising opportunities.  For instance, let's assume a candidate wants to discuss healthcare and is interested in promoting the event to only those people who might have an interest in this topic. The program would be closed to the public and open only to a targeted audience. Again, the objective would be to convey information and to offer further measurable content and data collection  opportunities.  

Shoot, Act and Measure--If you want to take advantage of the live video programs, here are just a few video shows that perhaps you have not considered, where you can:

a. Comment upon a relevant news story or controversial topic
b. Invite people to attend a campaign event 
c. Make direct volunteer/fundraising pitches
d. Create testimonials from supporters
e. Feature people in your campaign
f. Take snippets from debates and circulate the video with specific message, caption and action link
g. Make powerful coherent press releases and hold video press conferences 

Now, repurpose and recycle

So, you've conducted a webcast or webinar, now what?  Should your work just float out into cyberspace after the show completes? No. Think evergreen. Your content is valuable. Our job is to help take advantage of the campaign video information and participation funnel. We would repackage and create more funnel opportunities. For example, with editing here, remarketing there, the video can be transformed into powerful short video snippets which do remarkably well online. To be successful, we would include text  captions which attracts the eyes of the audience. We know that sometimes people only want to see the video and read the message in the social media stream. They might not be in the right environment to listen. And of course, with each piece of content we recycle from the live event, we think persuasion, distribution of more information and collection of audience data. (Watch short video)


Integrate from A to Z  We have discussed the campaign funnel where we create promotions, produce a live show, use evergreen repakaging strategies. Let's look at a specific scenario to help better explain the process. For example, let's assume that candidate ABC wants to engage in a live webcast event to discuss coastal infrastructure. He needs to promote the live event in advance, wants to persuade and educate during the live event while emphasizing the call to action triggers.  He wants to take advantage of the post-event content opportunities and https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=GARRET%20GRAVES%20JIMMY%20FREDRICK&epa=SEARCH_BOXconvert throughout the funnel process. He plans to broadcast into various audience simultaneously.  He plans to stream live to youtube and to twitter. Thus, before the live broadcast, he creates a short video (such as the one here) that he promotes on social media and elsewhere online including by email. (click to watch sample video) He also uses the video in his press release  During the live broadcast, he fields questions using Facebook and social media comments. He can conduct the program into a semi-talk radio show by taking live telephone calls during the broadcast. Throughout the live broadcast, he uses a call to action triggers to provide further information and to promote volunteering and fundraising. He even uses social media and other bots (which will discussed below).  The bot redirects the viewers to the appropriate location on ABC’s campaign website to consumate the conversion effort. Upon completion of the live program, ABC can repurpose and use the video and conversion opportunities. Considering his options, he can take particular snippets of the video, create a caption, enhance the video with voiceover or images or other videos and place it into a variety of locations online. ABC can promote it on social media. He can put the segments including text transcriptions into his email blasts. He can send it out via text. He can place the various text and video content on his website. It will have SEO value in search. In short, he has taken a powerful segment of content from a Facebook live event and multiplied the value manifold, while always seeking a conversion benefit, every step of the way.  The funnel opportunities are limited by the imagination. 



Emails are quite often boring. Why not use video to really take your emails into the 21st century campaigns? Using  video emails, you can bring your positions, event invitations, your press releases to life. 

Here is an example of a video email. This one is somewhat elaborate and is being presented for illustration purposes only.  It can be sent to a single recipient or to an entire group via email blast ( see image below).  

The recipient would then click upon the "watch video" box and will be taken to a page such as this:

At this moment, the recipient can watch the entire video. Before exiting the email, a call-to-action popup appears. Based upon the settings you choose, your recipient can act--can reply by email, chat with you, schedule an appointment, go to a particular page on your website, arrange a phone call and more. The example below requests a email reply:

 Here is an animation of the process. The recipient opens the email, clicks on the watch email button, prior to leaving the email then sees a pop up requesting that action be taken. The recipient clicks on the designated action button and is off to conversion-land--in this case, to purchase a show ticket).  

Depending upon how you set up the  "take action button", you can request almost anything from your email recipient.  You have so many conversion opportunities!  

As lagniappe, you can receive a report to determine whether the email was opened, if the video was watched and other more granular and helpful data. 


Unquestionably, this type of technology is powerful. We described them above as to how you can use them. Here is a sample of just one of the short snippets we have created for online circulation: 

As mentioned above, these short videos can be used in numerous ways—distributed via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Website and more. Also, they can be created and used anytime along the process, whether to promote an upcoming event or in an video email summarizing that event. 


Online bots are an incredible way to communicate directly with the visitor and to provide very specific and personalized information. We can create a very simple or very sophisticated bot. The key to the bot is maintaining communication with your audience and again, creating an environment for them to take action. This technology is exploding and is now being married with other new technologies. For instance, we can combine the bot with animated characters with exceptional digital voiceovers to promote your campaign and to provide a variety of targeted actions.  

Here is one example of a combination of the animation, voice and bot. The example is basic. It formally introduces the website and requests the visitor to take action. In this case, the action is to volunteer with the campaign and/or contribute. 

We can add images, videos, urls to educate and/or direct.  
(see video)
We can also put the link on Facebook, Twitter, email anywhere and the link leads to the animation-voice-bot page. Alternatively, the candidate can appear instead of a digital figure and voice and can make an appeal to use the bot for further communications.

We all know that endorsements can be powerful influencers. We can help you to streamline this process and make it possible for your supporters to get out the message that they support your candidate.  With technology, potential endorsers will receive a link which they will fill out. They can include text endorssements and/or video. They can perform the video endorsement from their computer, phone or tablet and when they are completed, we receive the information. The link can be placed on the campaign website, sent via email or even by Social Media messenger or post. Here is an example http://bit.ly/331rvij .  Here is an example of a finished product. Here is a sample of a finished product http://bit.ly/2Yurwb0 . Of course, the finished producted can be posted and distributed by social media, email, can be embedded on the website and more. You can even offer incentives for honest responses. The key here is the endorsers will post and send out to friends, therefore increasing the viral aspect of the endorsement.







Political campaigns are just beginning to use online technologies. Why not integrate your campaign so you can use your traditional email and website but add powerful video, voice, bot and artificial intelligence tools for real power of persuasion and information collection?  Why not convert all of your content into opportunities? Let the voters know that you are using the best in technology which would let them know how high-tech your term in office would be once they elect you. 

Let us meet with you and design a specific package for you. 


Here is a short recap of some of the various topics we discussed above. I believe this might help summarize the various options and offer to you a sense of organization:

Online video show: Do you want any online videos? If so, for what purpose(s)? (Idea samples)

  1. Comment upon a relevant news story or controversial topic
  2. Invite people to attend a campaign event
  3. Make direct volunteer/fundraising pitches
  4. Create testimonials from supporters
  5. Feature people in your campaign
  6. Take snippets from debates and circulate the video with specific message, caption and action link
  7. Make powerful coherent press releases and hold video press conferences

Webcast/Webinar: If you do want to engage in a video(s), would it be  webcasts, webinars or both?

Promoting online videos: How do you want your (pre, live, post-event) videos promoted?

  1. On social media
  2. On campaign website
  3. Via email blast
  4. Via ad
  5. On 3rd party site

Call to Action  Which "Call to Action" do you want for any/all promotions? What do you want the viewer to do?

  1. Visit campaign site
  2. Volunteer/contribute
  3. Email reply
  4. Schedule meeting
  5. Register to attend live video
  6. Register to attend a future event
  7. Request Phone call
  8. Request specific information

Video Emails: For any of the promotions, do you want to use an email blast? If so, do you want to include a video email blast?  Do you want to include a video email for non-blast communication?

Digital Spokesperson: Are you interested in using a digital spokesperson to appear on your site, to to welcome them to your site and/or to help them navigate, contribute and/or volunteer the site?

Live Spokesperson:  If you do not want a digital spokesperson, would you like to appear on the site at the bottom right to welcome or to help visitors to navigate, contribute and/or  volunteer?

Digital Bot:  Online Bots, whether they appear on websites, on Facebook pages and/or posts is a great way to help viewers, site or even social media post visitors communicate. Bots are similar to online chats. They ask visitors and even Facebook audiences questions and based upon the response, direct the visitor further.  Would you be interested in using any for the purpose of asking your page, website or Facebook post visitors questions?     

Virtual Endorsements: Virtual endorsements are a powerful way to use your supporters to get out the word for you. It can be a text and/or video endorsement using the cloud for facilitation and speed.

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