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To all of you candidates for political office, elections consultants, government officials, campaign managers, election specialists and anybody with an interest, we welcome you to

As publisher of, a website, I founded in 2001 to help advance technology in Louisiana, I am pleased to announce the creation of  So, what is it and why should you visit often?

The site is an educational venue to learn about winning elections. We are offering live video webinars and after they are completed, will offer the recorded webinar videos to the public. Do take a look at our current upcoming videos which we will be showing on our special and exclusive Facebook groups. Many more will be posted, soon. 

While is about politics, business and general news information with an emphasis upon the Bayou State, Louisiana, is about, well, you know, winning elections, as the name clearly implies.

We are offering LIVE video webinars from local Louisiana and national political and elections experts. They can be purchased at a very attractive price.  We are also promoting daily deals, such as our current Early Bird Special. With the video technology systems I have been using, developing and deploying over the past seven years on an almost daily basis, you can learn from and interact directly with those involved in the elections business. We are offering webinars a la carte or by the bundle at reduced prices. 

 Upcoming Webinars: Click on the images

But, the information opportunities don't just end with the live webinars. Those who missed the live event can purchase the pre-recorded webinars shortly after the show is completed. Also, as part of the experience, those subscribers are entitled to join and participate in our Exclusive Facebook Groups related to the webinar subjects. Plus, there's so much more such as blog posts, freebies, related products and access to tremendous amounts of information and opportunities.

So, here's my offer to you: Of course, we would love for you to buy any or all of our webinars. We are also seeking your involvement. If you have something to offer, such as expertise in technology, e-commerce, elections, related content, social media, please contact me.  Would love to discuss mutually-beneficial opportunities. 

Also, if you want to partner with us in promoting the site and our products, please consider our affiliate program. We are offering very attractive commissions where you can share in the revenue opportunities and track your own income. We will also provide to you a full array of marketing tools.

Again, welcome to Bayoubuzz's website and community. Do please sign up for our newsletter, check out our upcoming webinars, share with your friends on social media and the like. In fact, hopefully you will like what you see as we will be adding plenty of content and programs for you to share ideas and information with others.

Hopefully, all of us elect to WIN.

Stephen Sabludowsky J.D.

Publisher of and

 Upcoming Webinars: Click on the images



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  • Congratulations on your new website, and just in time for the fall elections!
    Any candidate or cause that wants to gain a competitive edge needs to check out how they can use your video services.

    Scott Scowcroft

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